OPEN REALITIES | AR-VR MMO Games | Product Development - UI/UX - Branding


Open Realities is all about AUGMENTED MMO games. Games empower our creative and productive natures with their immediate feedback and reward dynamics. When we play we feel urgent optimism, social fabric, blissful productivity and epic meaning. Compared with the self-empowering nature of games and how much time we spend playing them, reality seems broken? Technology is at a point where it provides 3D simulations of earth. In short, it’s time to turn reality into a game.

Open Realities is working on scalable MMO AR gameplay so that gamers can organise and collaborate in the real world like in any virtual environment. We want to provide game developers with a synchronous platform that can handle an unlimited number of live users while never having to consider servers or database infrastructure. We can add more magic to our real world or we can react to real-life events in magical and playful new ways.


Open Realities will provide all the tools you need to implement, host and launch your own AUGMENTED MMO ideas. Focus on your story and game design, not on scalable backends.

Product Development, UI/UX, Art Direction: Hutan Vahdani, BBR