Product Development, Content Producer & UI/UX: Hutan Vahdani, BBR


YASSSU is a news platform which aims to deliver high quality content in a neutral and non-invasive context. Since news reporting in the corporate media world is almost always reflecting the opinion of its individual creators and publishers who are themselves influenced by groups and lobbies with an agenda of their own, YASSSU aims to provide a place where mainstream media, alternative media and bloggers can publish their content on par with each other, effectively achieving the same level of exposure throughout the platform while delivering a variety of different opinions and views on current topics. YASSSU advocates universal and free access to unbiased information and news, as well as provides a means of supporting people to make their voice heard in an environment that makes free speech and freedom of opinion its top priority. One Topic. Different Viewpoints. Only by investigating news from every angle a balanced judgment can be reached.

We chose to operate YASSSU as donor-funded nonprofit platform instead of an advertisement and sponsorship based one, because we want to ensure a high journalistic standard, as well as to enable the user to consume media in a non-distractive environment. And since we think the user’s information should never be the product, as is the case with many other so called ‘free’ web platforms, we made it our dogma to never hand over our user’s information to third parties, be it corporations or governments. We also respect our user’s privacy by not keeping log files on any of their activities on our platform. All user data remains securely encrypted in a “Privacy by Design” ecosystem. YASSSU defines itself as a product to serve all of humanity. Unlike many other ‘free’ Internet platforms where you and your information are the product, YASSSU is the product and you are the one who decides what happens with your information.


written by Robert Huttinger & Hutan Vahdani, 2012


Different viewpoints create different meanings. Only by investigating news from every angle a balanced judgment can be reached. Getting information is not the issue. But getting the right information in its related context is cumbersome and time consuming but important to get the big picture.




A selection of interviews:

Dmytri Kleiner on Internet privacy and decentralized networks


Jacob Appelbaum on privacy, government surveillance and the current state of democracy


Eben Moglen on Facebook, Google and Government Surveillance


Zeynep Tufekci on the role of the Internet and social networks during the Arab Uprising


Mark Kaigwa on mobile payment systems and the rise of Africa